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Chicken with Pesto & Orzo Traybake

This weekend we are celebrating Sofia’s birthday party and having family to stay so that means cooking for many and vegetarians too! When I cook a meal (I’m not doing the food for the party – the chef is doing that – I like to choose something simple which means I can get on with all the other things that entertaining involves… so a traybake it is for our evening meal. Sofia has asked for salads along side - no doubt she'll want to make the tomato salad.  I’ll add some asparagus to the chicken orzo and pesto traybake instead of sugar snap peas. The recipe is here….

Did you know that eating asparagus can make your pee smell because it contains a sulphur compound called asparagusic acid. When your body digests asparagus, it breaks down asparagusic acid into several sulphur-containing byproducts. These byproducts are volatile and can evaporate quickly, producing a distinctive odour. Not everyone can detect this smell, as the ability to smell these compounds is determined by genetic variations. So now you know!


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